Thursday, December 15, 2005

Let it snow, Let it snow

My son loves the snow. He can't get enough of. The first time it snowed up here , about a week ago I was caught unprepared, no gloves or boots. So being the crafty mommy that I am, I used my husbands old mittens and triple socks with large tennis shoes. My son loved it until he realized that he couldn't really play in the new white fluffy stuff. So he took off his homemade gloves and dug in. I being a smart mommy brought him right in. No frostbite for my kid. He freaked I mean just lost it. Tears, baby cursing , snot, The whole ten yards. Mind you this is a really happy kid most if the time. Needless to say I went out the next day and bought two pairs of gloves and super warm boots. So today when it snowed I was ready at, least until 20 mins later when I made him come in. That's when the baby rage started again. My husband said not to worry, just think, maybe he'll be a famous snowboarder someday. If that is true then I just hope he has a understanding coach with alot of Kleenex.

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