Friday, November 17, 2006

He's ready.

We pull up in front of the house after school and my son points to our neighbors house.
They had up festive lights and garland.
Then BB looks at our house and says"Where is my Christmas?"
I explain that we have to clean up all of the toys that have exploded in our house.
He walks in and says "Let's clean Mama, I want Christmas!"

Cleaning up toys - 2 hours
Pizza for three- 20$
Listening to Hubby belt out "So This Is Christmas" with Celine Dion .....Priceless


Missi said...

Aww how cute!!

I love Christmas time with the kids. They get so excited.

I am bummed that my two oldest don't believe in Santa anymore. They have been
"warned" to keep quiet though for the
younger ones. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your husband singing canNOT be any worse than my husband sitting there singing "Jingle bells batman smells robin laid an egg..."
He was teaching my girls that song! I wanted to strangle him! We put up our tree tonight :)

LLA said...

This sounds like a really sweet day....