Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How to put up a tree- A guide to a happy holiday marriage.

Hubby: "It's not in the basement"

Me: "Check the attic"

Hubby: "Nope"

Me: "Closet?"

Hubby: "Negative"

Me: "Oh, right we don't have one."

Hubby: "Then let's get a live one this year."

Me: "Do you want to kill me?"

Hubby: (ponders)

Me: "Beside I'm still trying to get over the invasion of 89*" (shudders)

Hubby: "Then I'll go buy a fake one at Walmart."

Me: "It's 8pm...I can go tomorrow and pick it out it's just easier if I do it."

Hubby: "That's ok, I can go now."

15 mins later-Phone rings

Me: "Hello"
Hubby: "4 feet or 6 feet?"
Me: "6 feet is fine"
Hubby: "Cool, bye. "

Ring Ring

Me: "Hello"
Hubby: "With or without lights? "
Me: "With, less work. Anything else?"
Hubby: "Nope I'll be home soon."

Ring Ring

Me: "Yes, the love of me life."
Hubby: "White or colored lights? "
Me: "White "
Hubby: "White, got it."

So now we have a pretty 6 foot fake tree with lights...Like I said it would of been so much easier to go by myself, but then what would I blog about...Thanks honey.

*The year I found out I was allergic to pine, and we had a gift with purchase when we bought the tree...A sac of bugs....They were everywhere. (starts twitching)


MotherPie said...

We have allergies, too, to some species of the trees. The year we were all sick by x-mas? That did it. NO MORE REAL ONES. Anyway, isn't it better for the environment.

In NYC: A metal tree that slides under the couch with styrafoam apples marked w/ the kids' favorite words.

Thanksgiving Cheers! (or is it already x-mas cheers????)

Colleen Gleason said...

Wow! What a sweetie and what a great way to handle things. Give him a big hug for me for helping to make the holidays so much less stressful.

Anonymous said...

I have a six foot tree with white lights myself....sooo much easier. I love the smell of pine, but I think those real trees are more trouble than they're worth. Particularly ones with bonus bugs!

Twisted Cinderella said...

You gotta love sending a man for something. I get those calls too. LOL

MommyOutOfControl said...

Too funny...hubby volunteered to go to the grocery store the other night because one of my fav shows was coming on and he was kind enough to do it so I wuoldn't miss it. He called, seriously, 12 times in that hour. I missed most of the show!!!! Oh well it is the thought that counts! Happy Thanksgiving!