Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Party time!

Saturday was Nick's birthday party. We had it at McDonald's.
The kids had a blast, I didn't have to do much and it was all under 100 dollars. The only problem we had was a potty accident.
One of the kids who is a few months older then BB was on the bridge had gotten scared and well peed his pants. Luckily my mother saw it coming down and ran...before it landed on her head.


Joanne said...

Yes, it was quite close to her and Gigi! Luckily, it happened with only a few minutes left of the party! What do they say, "It's not really a party until someone pees their pants"? Hmmm.... maybe nobody says that! :-)

local girl said...

Thank goodness for a good eyesight and quick reflexes! LOL!

Missi said...

oh wow!! lol That would have been scary!

What a cute pic!!!!

sarah said...

After Hannah turned four we told her she couldn't have any more birthdays...we can't allow her to keep growing up! HA!
Happy Birthday Nick!
Aunt Sarah ;)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday!

Stacitee said...

Looks like fun!