Wednesday, March 07, 2007

She's crafty

I meant to put this up months ago but as you know my camera ran away.
He is the mural that is in my sons room now. I am playing around with different things for a Super Hereo painting now.


YummY! said...

You painted a topless Pooh!

What superhero are you working on? Or is it just superhero in general?

laughing mommy said...

Wow! You are talented!

Why does Pooh usually wear a shirt and no pants?

Katkat said...

No clothes for pooh, its the classic pooh, and yes my son has pointed that out to me too.

I am trying to get a batman/spiderman/superman/wonder women thing to work.
I'm trying to make it look like they are flying out of a comic book page.

kailani said...

You painted that? Such talent!

MommyOutOfControl said...

Such a talent...I love it. Matthew is sooo into spiderman and buzz lightyear. Somehow I don't think I can find a way to incorporate both into his room theme! They seem to be from different "gallaxies" if you know what I mean.