Friday, April 06, 2007

Babe in the woods.

Hubby and Nick are going camping today. I'm a little nervous because it might get down to 20 degrees tonight. I told hubby if it does to pack up and come home.
I'm trying not to be a mommy pain in the butt...but he is three and his little baby flesh might freeze.
I can just imagine Nicky huddled in the corner of his tent rocking back and forth with a marshmallow in his hand singing "Kumbaya my Lord, I want to go home."
Alright,alright I know he'll be fine. I'll just have to count all his fingers and toes when he gets back.


YummY! said...

I'm (almost) sure Shutter wont let him freeze off anything important.

tAnYeTTa said...

toooooooooo cute! it will be so much fun! sons and fathers are an amazing combo!---

we go on daily walks after dinner and i grab a jacket and hat for DJ. needless to say daddy rips it all off of him and says he's a boy he can handle it. well, needless to say, i stash the hat and jacket in my backpack and sure enough before the end of the walk, i'm redressing my baby boy :)

Doc Phil said...

Bob is a big bear and will take care of his only cub!

WebKittyn said...

Happy Easter to you and yours over there! Also a thank you for being a part of my crazy world.

I hope they have an awesome time in the woods!

Anonymous said...

You are NUTS!!

Hope it went well, and I hope you didn't freeze too badly!