Monday, March 13, 2006

Escape Log

Entry 105- Foiled again
Attempt to be one with nature has failed again. The big people have foiled my plans. It was a windy blue day with cotton balls in the sky. I wanted to see how the pine cones tasted this time of year. The mama was in the potty. I saw my opening. I pulled on shiny round thing that the big people call a door and made a break for it. I could feel freedom within my grasp. "What are you doing Boom- Boom!" Damn! Its the Mama!
"Go, go. Tree, tree." Stupid speech I sound like that fuzzy creature in the picture box. And who in their right mind calls a kid Boom-Boom!
Next day I was told we where going to the park. Yes! The perfect place for my next escape. However the mama has wised up to my antics. Remember that fuzzy creature from the picture box well now he's on my back. I'm trapped like a rat in a cage. And when I run, just when I think I'm free, I'm pulled back.
Someday. Oh, yes someday I will out smart that women.
Signing off-Boom-Boom

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Seraphim said...

Lol, that is just the cutest thing...