Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hands off the Keds Lady

"I sleepee." Boom Boom is sick and CRANKY. Not that I can blame him. He still has a cold and can't sleep. Right now he is laying on the sofa watching Toy Story with his shoes on. Earlier I tried to take them off and he screamed "NO MAMA! SHOES ON!" So I am keeping my distance. I look over and he is sound asleep. I try to pick him up to take him to his room. He jumps as soon as I reach him "SHOES ON!" then starts snoring.
I take him upstairs and try again. Slowly and holding my breath I untied the Elmo tennis shoe. A small head pops up " NO! NO! NO! NO!" I quickly re-tie the shoe and back away with my hands up.
Lesson- Let sleeping babes lie....With their shoes on.


Cecily R said...

This is a great that I can totally relate to! Your best children's books list makes you and I kindred spirits, even though we are strangers. My mom used to sing Chicken Soup with Rice to us, so every once in a while the song pops into my head. And Tuesday...well, gotta respect an Eisner fan.

Love the shoes post, sounds so familiar. If you get a chance, check out my mommy blog of

I'll definately bookmark this one!

Cecily R said...

I'm a total dork, and just realized I mentioned the wrong author for you think that my lack of sleep due to a crazy four year old is a good excuse? Probably not. My apologies to all.

Katkat said...

-cecily r- thanks for reading. Us sleep deprived mommies have to stay together.

YummY! said...

Maybe Boom-boom's feet are cold when you take his shoes off, but he doesn't know how to verbalize that he has cold feet so he's screechy about wanting his shoes on?

Me? Overanalyze things? Never!

Katkat said...

Yummy!- He might be cold too our hardwood floors are chilly. He is sooo two right now. My friends daughter will only wear pink...if its any other color then she won't go to school. Kids are silly.