Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Something's are just too cute not to blog about....

Escape Log 102-

Mission: Make Mommy crazy
Today's Task: Funds for my escape

She's in the potty.
This is my chance to make my own money.
I've watched the Mama for weeks now.
Put in shiny card, push buttons....get money.

She left the shiny card on the table "Excellent"
Like a Ninja I climb the chair... grab the card and run to the money machine.
Put card in slot.
Push buttons.
I hear flushing...
Try a different code....
She is coming!!!
I run to the sofa....look cute...then she won't be any the wiser.

Ten minutes later.......

"Boom- Boom where's my Credit Card?"

1 hour later.......

They Dada and mama are having a meeting...I pretend to play Lego's
"It was right here! I checked everywhere! Now we can't get dinner!" The mama wails
"BB where is mama's card?" Dada asks
Innocently I walk over to the money giver and point.

"The computer....BB!" The mama is not happy.
The Dada opens the money machine.
Mama laughs.
Dada laughs...."Man I wish it was that easy to get money!"

Outcome- Foiled again!!!!!!


WebKittyn said...

It's good to see you blog, woman.

That is adorable, I love the Boom Boom stories!

And if you figure out how to make money come from inside the computer, please clue me in.

Seraphim said...

Aww thats adorable. So good to see you blogging! Please don't abandon us! We need you! *clings to your leg like a rare english koala*

Sarah Lynch said...

so cute!!! I love your blog! Don't know you love it. :)

YummY! said...

Heh. BoomBoom, already dependent on credit cards.

MommyOutOfControl said...

Too funny! Always love the stories. Don't go away!! What will we do without you!

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.