Sunday, June 04, 2006


Over the weekend we went up to Philly to see my brother.
We saw the Liberty Bell.
Which was nice, however my favorite part of sightseeing is the everyday things...Like a real philly steak at Pat's, side walk markets and neat window displays.

We found an amazing little cheese shop. Hundreds of cheese everywhere. My brother had to leave...for the smell of "feet" was overwhelming. I loved it I ate samples til my tummy hurt. Then we walked to a used book store and were greeted by this lovely creative in other words we had a blast.

We also went to Sesame Place. I think all of icons from TV walking around was a little much for Boom-Boom. He keep telling them to go back to the TV. He did have a blast at Elmo's world. And climbing ropes with Uncle Adam. Whom he has nicknamed "donkey" apparently he looks like Eeyore.


WebKittyn said...

A used book store plus a gorgeous kitty, you can't get much better than that.

Sounds like you had a great time, good juju.

Love the pictures!

YummY! said...

Whee! Fun times.

Pretty cat!

And for some reason Boom-boom calling his uncle Donkey struck me as....well, something that was bound to happen.

Ginger said...

Welcome home! :D

Anonymous said...

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