Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mommy's gone wild!

Waiting in line sweating with anticipation (or it maybe it was the 85 degree weather at 8am.) I waited to get into my county's biggest event....The Children's Consignment Sale.
Last year when a mommy knocked me down trying to get a Bob the Builder toy I swore that I would never go back again.
They even posted officers at the doors!
So then why in the name of sanity am I here surrounded by ravenous looking women carrying laundry baskets and going over the "game plan" in whispers?
WHY!?....Because I love a good bargain!
Last year I found all of my favorite men...Tommy,Ralph, even Dior was there for only 2 or 3$.
This year I too had a plan. Skip the clothes, go straight for the big items.
I was on the look for a Franklin Batting Tee set and play costumes.
Then the doors opened.

I saw women twice my age pushing shoving and cussing at each other.
That's when I see it...... the T-ball set.....and it looks brand new!......and it's only 5$!!!!!!!
(25$ in stores!)
I grab it up then, search through the fast flying costumes.
I needed both hands to move things so I sat the T-ball down and stood on the plate of it....Then I feel something pulling it out from under me
A crazed lady stares at me. "You put it down. And the rules are if you let it go its up for grabs"
"Um, I am standing on it."
"Well, if you think that you can lift almost 200 pounds off of it,
then its all yours"
I know, I know major bitchy of me but the tension and negative energy in this place was enough to make any mild mannered soccer mom go crazy.
I decided it was time to leave and pay for my items.
8$ for the T-ball set and 3 costumes.
As I left I could still hear the shouting and excited squeals. Some women had clothes piled up to their eyes all while pushing a loaded laundry basket with their feet.

The crazy thing is that I went back at 4pm for the 1/2 price or more off sale.
I saw a desk I really liked for 30$ (75$ in stores)
I waited and when I came back it was only 10$!
Deals make me giddy...I feel a little light headed... I need to lay down. Man, I can't wait til next year.


Joanne said...

I love deals too. I took Emma yard saling (sp?) this morning and got her a Playskool Walk and Ride (little ride on toy) for $2! Normally, $25- sweet!

I hardly ever get to buy anything for my child since everything comes from The House of Jen (chic couture). :-)

Katkat said...

Joanne- I so wish I had a girl, The house of Jen clothes rock!

MommyOutOfControl said...

I wish we lived close...we could fight off those ladies together. I so love me some consignment shopping. Got practically Matthew's entire wardrobe last fall/winter for $20...all GAP, Ralph, Tommy,sigh. Gotta get there soon. Although he is so scrawny a lot of it still fits.

MotherPie said...

My youngest had the cutest little coat which -- since we lived in Houston -- was a GREAT deal and looked like new. We hardly wore coats in Houston.

Just wanted you to know you're on my blogroll!

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Katkat said...

Mommy out of control- I wish I still lived up there. We would have a blast!

Mother Pie- Thanks, I love your blog and makes me think and always smile.