Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things my son said this week.

1. "I have gas.. (turns to our cat) you have gas too?"

2. "Where's the bald man?"-Talking about our neighbor.

3. "You vote repeventys (representatives) daddy?" I told him all about voting and something stuck.

4. "No thank you I don"t want to go to bed now."

5. "It ok ,you want 911?" -To friend who fell

6. "I WANT TO SKATE!" - Meanwhile its raining cats and dogs outside.

7. "It stinky outside, the tree has gas."-Talking about the smell of wet worms..

8. "Oh no! It stuck!" -After taking a toy and shoving it into the printer.

9. "Hot dog please" -Said at 6am this morning

10. "I love you sooo much!"-To my 10 yr old cat as he squeezes the life out of him.

11. "Oh no I lost daddy!"-Covers face and shakes head......Daddy only went to the bathroom.

12. "No you come here!" -After I asked him to come to me so I could change his diaper.

13."WE ARE!(pauses)Penn state!"- When asked where he goes to school.


Colleen said...

haha. I'm laughing at #13. My girls will walk around the house with the Longhorn sign and shout TEXAS LONGHORNS or HOOK 'EM HORNS. No doubt where they heart that one from (daddy..)

Jennifer said...

Loved your list. I love listening to children trying to express themselves. They are just too cute. Thanks for sharing.

Missi said...

That is too cute!!!

My blog addy changed btw. I have gone
blogger now.

Happy TT!

Woman with kids said...

He sounds adorable!