Sunday, January 07, 2007

BB resolutions list for 2007

1. To have all of my toys on the floor at the same time.

2. To get everything I want, when I want it...Oh wait I have this one done.

3. To sleep in mommy's bed every night, and take her pillow from her.

4. To save mommy and daddy some money by cutting my own hair where are those scissors?

5. To avoid potty training for at least another year.

6. And finally this is the year that I will make it through the cat door.


Stacitee said...

Cute! Love the glasses and the resolutions... especially the "all the toys on the floor at the same time". My daughter does that too!

local girl said...

Can he actually fit through the cat door? LOL! Great photo!

Phil said...

Rember the same parient that where mean to you, will give your children everything


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Is that a young Harry Potter? Very cute!