Saturday, January 13, 2007

Duncan the fat cat writes a post.

The day started out normal.
Eat food, have bath go to the box.
I'm half way through the stupid square hole in the door on my way out and...I'm stuck.
I can do this.... wiggle, wiggle, stretch...POP!
That can't be good.
Great the square is stuck to my stomach!
I waddle to the human women.
She was a big help, all I got from her was hysterically laughing and shouting "Where's my camera, Oh my gosh WHERE is it!"
Thanks lady I'll remember that.
The little human wasn't any help either. "It's okay Donkey, take a big breath"
First of all kid it's Duncan, do I look like a pack mule to you?...Never mind don't answer that.
And Second, breathe you try breathing with a door attached to you!
Finally the women comes to her senses and pulls me free.
I think I'll go eat now.


YummY! said...

Oh, poor Duncan. His Kitty ego has been bruised and may never heal again.

*collapses on the floor in giggles*

alisonwonderland said...

did the woman find her camera and take a photo to post on her blog? :o)

Jen T. (that's me) said...

Hahaha. Yes, where is the picture of the Donkey door? :)

Phillip said...

Thanks Kat
That made my day!


Katkat said...

I can't find my camera! I was so mad. That was the perfect pic! My hubby was no help eather, he just laughed and said well i'm off to work!

TC said...

bwahaahaahahahahah too funny!

local girl said...

Wow, how fat is Duncan? LOL!

Stacitee said...

Hilarious! I've seen fat cats before but never with a door attached. Everyone but the cat wishes there was a picture to capture the moment. :) Oh, and how cute is it that your son calls the cat Donkey instead of Duncan!