Thursday, December 29, 2005

The pig that was

I went to work today for the first time in four months my husband is off so he watched the boy. I put in one of the many movies that my son got for Christmas. Charlotte's Web. This movie has always freaked me out a little. They keep talking about wanting to eat the poor little guy, but I figured that my son would like the animals. He saw Wilbur and yelled excitedly "pig pig" When I returned home my husband had made dinner.Yes, he made pig. Let me give you a little back ground on my sons eating habits. He hates meat. He won't let it get on his tray. He doesn't even drink milk. So you can understand my amazement when I came in the house to find him eating ham. "He's had two slices already" my husband explained. "How in the hell did you get him to eat it" I said bewildered. "Easy, I just told him we where having Wilbur for dinner." I thought he was joking.....Until my son held up a piece of meat and declared "Pig mama.....mmm.....Good"

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webkittyn said...

Woo, I can comment!

I think that's great, I can imagine how cute that must have been. I also love ham and Charlotte's Web even if I can't watch it without crying like a baby.

I love the pictures you put up for each entry, that's a really nice touch.