Sunday, January 01, 2006

My Midnight Madness

As I have posted before my son loves Toy Story. So between that and the insane amount of toys that he got for Christmas, it has made for the strangest dreams...........I'm in a mall looking for a spatula (why a spatula you ask....I have no clue) as I'm making my way to the food court Bob the Builder and Dora the explorer ask me where the Sporting Goods store is. I direct them to the second floor. After getting a bite to eat at Mr. Potato Heads House of Cheese. I continue on my quest for the kitchen utensil. I feel as if I'm being watched....Behind me sounds of excited chatter grows closer. Kinda like the sound of a pack of wild monkeys. As I turn I am attacked by a large red plastic monkey. Two more knock me into a bowl of Cherrios as their giant barrel threatens to roll me down. In the meantime a 20 foot Slinky is making its way down the escalator towards us. I try to swim out of the bowl but the monkeys have spotted the banana's and are pulling me down into the soymilk. I wake to myself screaming. And find a large Elmo doll wrapped around my neck.
I'm not a Doctor but I think my sub-conscious is trying to tell me to take some time for myself...... Also I hid the Barrel of Monkeys...Just in case.


YummY! said...

Every time I see or hear the word Spatula I think of the Weird Al movie "UHF" and him screaming, "Spatula City!" overload. Quick, watching something grownup now! With lots of explosions and some blood and stuff.

But, I woudlnt' reccomend King Kong becasue of, you know, the monkey connection.

Katkat said...

YummY- thats just scary because as I wrote this post I thought of that movie too.